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Our Story

Mozaic Markets started life as TokenFactory and was created by 2030 Group in 2018 based on the belief that the true potential of tokenization in the new digital economy must be realised from a platform where decentralized technology meets the securities regime.

The company was accepted into the UK financial regulator’s FCA Sandbox (Cohort 4) and teamed up with custodian Nivaura to test and leverage our technology, process, regulation and compliance capabilities. We made history in April 2019 when we successfully tokenized and issued 20|30 Group’s equity, in collaboration with the London Stock Exchange Group.

Headquartered in London and based at the offices of 20|30 Group, TokenFactory rebranded as Mozaic Markets in November 2019. Mozaic Markets is building a decentralized ecosystem that will streamline the interaction between buyers and sellers of financial and non-financial assets of the new token economy.

Our Vision

Mozaic Markets’ vision is to use the power of decentralized technology to reinvent Capital Markets and completely revolutionize the way today’s global stock exchanges operate. In the process unlocking trillions of dollars of currently illiquid assets and vastly increasing the numbers of trades.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put the client back in control and to bring them on a journey as we navigate together the potential benefits that today’s decentralized technology can bring to their business and everyday life.


Client First

Over the past decade the world has become almost immune to market volatility, political crisis and the constant race for more and more of our data. At Mozaic Markets, our mission is to put the client back in control and to bring them on a journey as we navigate together the potential benefits that today’s technology can bring to their business and everyday life.

Smart Tech

We are interested in putting our solutions to work in the areas of the capital markets where they can have the greatest impact on streamlining processes. Processes that have not changed in 30 years but through our approach and platform we can bring about cost and time savings for our clients on both the buy and sell side.


New technology has so much to offer the capital markets that it can sometimes be overwhelming, even for sophisticated institutions to get a firm handle on, let alone smaller institutions, right down to retail investors. We leave no stone unturned in making sure our clients fully understand the product, benefits and potential pitfalls.


We believe that blockchain technology has the power to revolutionize how we interact with assets. Everything from plain vanilla debt, equities to real estate and art can all be fractionalized, tokenized and distributed to a broader, deeper and more diversified pool of global investors. Portfolio managers will have more flexibility in managing.

About 20|30 Group

20|30 Group is a global innovation group of bold and revolutionary companies leveraging decentralised technologies to solve real world problems. The company is creating a fast-growing, diverse, yet complementary portfolio of companies, all around this common theme. In effect, 20|30 are building the products and services that will be mainstream in the year 2030.

20|30’s mission is to provide a new alternative to the traditional ways of financing innovation and play an intrinsic role in powering a global decentralised economy. This is in response to 20|30’s belief that the proliferation of disruptive start-ups transforming markets through blockchain and other decentralised technologies require a different type of investor than those previously available.
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