Meet the Team

Raymond Harte

Chief Executive Officer, Mozaic Markets
Raymond joined Mozaic Markets in September 2019 to set the future strategic direction of the company following its success earlier this year when it tokenized and issued 20|30 Group’s equity within the FCA Sandbox, in collaboration with the London Stock Exchange Group, proving that equity can be easily tokenized. Harte has over 20 years’ capital markets experience from structuring and executing transactions for issuers, investors and global financial institutions. Prior to co-founding two financial services boutiques – DSO and Fidem Partners – he held a number of senior investment banking positions at Dresdner Kleinwort and Credit Suisse First Boston.

Christopher Skulte

CFO, Mozaic Markets and COO, 20|30
Christopher joined 20|30 Group in April 2018 and was appointed to the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer in September 2019, retaining his group financial responsibilities until a new CFO has been selected. Christopher oversees 20|30 Group’s global operations, financial reporting and corporate governance. He has extensive international experience providing financial strategic support to technology start-ups. Prior to 20|30 he worked at a number of companies, most notably Bank for International Settlements (Switzerland), Agilisys (UK) and Deloitte (Australia). He sits on 20|30 Group’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Jack Thornborough

Head of Structuring, Mozaic Markets and and Group Head of Compliance, 20|30
Thornborugh is an offshore taxation and structuring specialist, including multiple funds and family offices, with eight years in fraud and financial crime enforcement. He also shepherded Mozaic Markets, in its previous guise as TokenFactory, through the FCA’s Sandbox in collaboration with the London Stock Exchange Group.

Vitor Py

CTO, Mozaic Markets & 20|30 Group
As the lead technologist for 20|30 Group, Py provides decentralized technology innovation strategy and implementation guidance for companies which originate from 20|30 Group.  Today these include Mozaic Markets and Pillar Project.  He has over 12 years’ experience in artificial intelligence and has he led teams in geospatial data analysis, computational materials science, biometrics, and distributed systems. Prior to joining 20|30 in 2017, Py held senior roles at IBM.

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