Token Economy

Creating a new multi trillion global Token Economy

The dawn of decentralization has arrived. Tokenization is revolutionary and will transform the capital markets landscape beyond recognition. This is the 21st Century’s ‘big bang’ moment.

What is tokenization?

Simply put, tokenization is the conversion of an asset into a smart contract that lives on the blockchain.

What can be tokenized?

Theoretically, anything. To date, companies have focused primarily on traditional financial instruments and asset classes, such as equities and bonds. What makes tokenization particularly exciting, is that it can also be applied to ‘real-world’ assets such as property, private equity, gold, infrastructure, art; even your favourite sports team.

How big is the market opportunity?

Fractional ownership and the disintermediation of third parties is expected to substantially reduce transaction costs, improve transparency and efficiencies, lower counterparty risk and, more importantly, unlock enormous pools of new liquidity for digital-savvy issuers and investors.

The sheer breath and scale of the potential market size makes it extraordinarily difficult to quantify the potential value of what could be tokenized and traded.

Some estimates suggest a new tokenized economy could reach $24 trillion by 2027. Bolder estimates indicate the size of the future new market could be as large as $250 trillion  What is clear is that blockchain and distributed ledger technology are transforming the world’s financial markets on a Cambrian scale. They will look radically different by 2030. Mozaic Markets is on the front line, pioneering a new Tokenized world.

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